Custom Regulations

Cloudnosys helps you to create custom compliance processes for meeting unique regulatory requirements for your cloud environments.

Custom Regulation allows you to create your custom rules by importing different signatures.

Note: You can also import multiple rules within one regulation, It’ll merge rules & discard the duplicates

Create a custom regulation

1. Select Custom Regulation from the side menu, in Cloudnosys dashboard  Security & Compliance > Custom Policy & Regulation.

2. Click “Create New”on the next screen that appears.

3. In the Information section, enter the name and description of your Custom Regulation.

5. Click on the Import button and select any base regulation and click OK. It will import rules with an Index:

6. If you want to add any custom rule, enter the name of the customized rule and select category from the drop-down.

Current reg + do mid then create your own reg.. Org can have their own standards you can base two or multiple reg & then create ur own

7. Select the signatures from the drop-down menu:

8. New Rule Set 

Rule sets are security standards which contain different signatures mapped according to a certain security rule. 

Adding a rule set: When you create a rule set, you add signatures that are already created.

click on New Rule Set to add.. category

9. Click on the button after completing it .10. Run Scan to view the resources in your Custom Regulation you just created.