Add Azure Cloud Account

Add Azure Cloud Account

Let’s get started with Azure Cloud Account Creation.

1. In the Cloudnosys platform, go to Cloud Account dashboard, click on

2. Click “Azure” on select provider screen and click Next.

3. Select your desired regions and click Next.

4. In the form that appears in the next screen, enter any string as your cloud account name.

5. Now Sign-in to the Azure management portal in a separate browser window.

6. Select Azure Active Directory from the side menu.

7. Navigate to App Registrations.

8. Click button.

9. Fill in details for the Cloudnosys application, and then click Create.

– Enter a suitable name for the application.

– Select your supported account type, which determines who can use the application (recommended: click on first checkbox)

– In the Redirect URI section, select Web from the drop-down.

– Set ‘’ as the URL.

– After setting up the values, Click on button.

10. Copy Application (client) ID and paste it under required field in Cloudnosys dashboard.

11. In the App registration page, select the application, then select Certificates & Secrets in the menu on the left.

12. Select Client secrets. Click on button.

13. Fill in key description and expiration period, click on Add button and wait for the process to finish.

14. Save the key when revealed. And copy it under required field in Cloudnosys dashboard.

Note: Copy this value because you aren’t able to retrieve the key later. You provide the key value with the application ID to sign in as the application. Store the key value where your application can retrieve it.

15. For Domain/Tenant ID, Go to Azure Active Directory in the left menu (search for it in the ‘All services’)

16. Click on properties.

17. Copy the Directory (Tenant) ID and paste it in the required field.

18. For Subscription ID, go to Subscriptions in the left menu (or search in the search bar on top)

19. Select your subscription.

20. Copy the Subscription ID from Azure console and paste it under required field.

21. Select the Access control (IAM) in the menu. Click on Add.

22. Select Add role assignment

23. Select the Reader Role and search for the application you have created in the previous step.

24. Select the application (the name you selected in application registration) and click on the Save Button.

25. Click on DONE.

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