Enable EagleEye

Enable EagleEye

To enable Live Monitoring:

1. Click on Cloud Accounts in your Cloudnosys Dashboard
2. Navigate to the account in which you want to enable live monitoring and click Disabled button.

3. It would take you on **Real Time Threats Alert** Screen.
4. The very first step in enabling Live Monitoring is to create two IAM roles, namely; Administrator Role and Execution Role.
5. Click on administrator Role button, it would automatically start downloading the file.

6. Log into your AWS console using URL https://console.aws.amazon.com
7. Write “CloudFormation” in search bar.

8. Click on button and Create Stack screen would appear.
9. Click on Choose File button and attach the recently downloaded administrator policy. Click Next.

10. In the next screen that appears, specify a particular name to your stack name and click Next.


11. Click button Configure Stack Options screen.

12. In review screen, click on the checkbox under capabilities heading and click Create Stack.

13. After successful creation of your administrator stack, move to your Cloudnosys tab and click on Execution Role button to download the execution policy.

14. Navigate to AWS console and Click on button to create stack for execution role.

15. Click on Choose File button, select the recently downloaded execution policy and click Next.

16. Specify a name and account ID to your Stack in the next screen and click Next.


17. Click button on Configure Stacks Options screen.
18. In review screen, click on the checkbox under Capabilities section and click button.

19. Move to your Cloudnosys dashboard and click
20. In the next screen on Cloudnosys dashboard, click on
21. Now navigate to you AWS Console, click on CloudFormation, a drop-down menu would appear, select Stacksets.


22. Click on  button.
23. Click on the checkbox “upload Amazon S3 template”. Click on Browse button to attach the template (you just downloaded from Cloudnosys dashboard) then click Next.

24. Specify StackSet details and click


25. Click button on Configure Stacks Options screen. In “Set Deployment Options”, enter valid account ID.

Note: Enter the Target Account ID if creating Role for another account, else enter your own Account ID.

26. Select your desired Region from the drop-down and click Add.


27. Click  in Options screen.
28. In review screen, click on the checkbox under capabilities heading and click Submit Button.


29. After success, move to your Cloudnosys dashboard tab and click in Create Stackset screen.

30. Click in finish screen.
31. Go to your Cloud Accounts screen on Cloudnosys dashboard, the status of live monitoring would be changed to Pending and after few minutes (time depends on regions selected), it would change to Enabled.
32. Once the EagleEye becomes Enabled, you will be receiving notifications of any modifications in the cloud infrastructure.!

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