Observing companies to combat with the security and governance of Multi-cloud due to less insight leads us to the creation of “The definite guide to Multi-cloud security governance.” Our advisers have dived in deeply while generating this master-piece. As a result, organizations will be capable of maintaining a hybrid-cloud environment with excellence.

Written for cloudnosys, by cloudnoys.

Let’s have a brief look at how this e-book will help you in doing so:

  1.  The companies are having a robust multi-cloud infrastructure in order to govern multiple cloud. With this, adapting a solid strategy for its security sets you free from the worries of lack of talent in any area, Merger and Acquisition management activity, and more.
  2. To build a powerful Cloud CEO, the areas that demand much concentration are:
    • Security and compliance
    • Financial – Cost Control
    • Performance Management
  3. Keeping a watch on thousands of configurations occurring in the cloud, a paradigm shift to security framework is all you need. It provides controlled testing to govern the inside-out of the cloud.
  4. Working on building and incorporating security and compliance policies in real-time will safeguard your public cloud from security risks. In this regard, start from CIS that shields organizations from cyber threats.
  5. Next, we have to govern and audit S3 buckets. It has 4 to 5 controls that assist you in having a check on the management of AWS services.
  6. Another well-known service is virtual private cloud because it is the first line of defense against the hackers. Governing VPC along with its flow logs, turning AWS configuration holds significance. It tracks incoming and outgoing.
  7. Being a cloud vendor, providing a quick and comprehensive security and compliance reporting for governance and security risk posture is vital. Therefore, Cloudnosys – security and compliance platform provides security controls, maps them over, and creates control testing. Plus it gives pre-developed policies for you as well. From out-of-the-box security policies to the custom regulations, Cloudnosys helps organizations in making smart moves towards gaining flexibility, speed, and better customer experience.

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