This e-book has step by step details on how your company can secure your applications and data within AWS cloud with few key controls. AWS or any Public cloud brings severe challenges around ability to manage and control for security configurations and prioritize risk to reduce level of effort. We were asked to identify top 10 policies where security posture can be significantly improved.

Written for growing Enterprises, by Cloudnoys certified cloud experts.

Let’s have a brief look at how this e-book will help you in drive success:

We are providing quick guidelines or top 10 best practices to aid organizations in maximizing your AWS environments. With these, enterprises will be able to create a disciplined light framework and improve security posture for their IT assets and data. Keep in mind, this is the starting point, not the end game. For end game you need to standardize on NIST of ISO security framework and CIS is a good starting point, which has about 44 security rules.  The key work is enforcement, and that can only be achieved through automation which AWS natively does not provide out of the box. You have to either build or buy automation.

  • Employ NIST Cyber Security Framework: AWS provides NIST templates to follow as reference architecture and one should follow those.
    We will describe below in more detail on this process and NIST itself.
  • An overview of NIST Series: There is a series of NIST and each series performs specific function. For instance, NIST SP 800 owns numerous set of sub-clauses. Then, we have NIST SP 800-53 that gives a security controls framework and are most needed by the federal systems. Other includes NIST SP 800-37 that assists in stimulating constant monitoring by controls to guarantee real time risk management. These controls are basically given in NIST SP 800-53. Talking about the latest addition in this series so it is Draft Special Publication 800-171. It is responsible to increase security requirements for valuable assets and critical programs.
  • Necessary Factors For NIST Cyber Security Framework: The enterprises have to meet the following categories for security requirements in order to implement NIST cyber security framework.

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