Full Stack Cloud Security Platform

Full stack coverage with risk prioritization, compliance, SOAR remediations, misconfigurations, OS vulnerabilities, malware, context-aware alerts, and third-party integrations.

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Five Tools In One!

Full Stack Cloud Security and Compliance for Public Clouds

Vulnerability (CVE), Malware, Posture Management,

SOAR, Compliance.


Setup in under

10 mins

Agentless SaaS or Hosted

Alert Fatigue

91% less

Prioritize top 1% of Alerts

Remediate in under

2 mins

Policy Driven Remediations

What Customers Are Saying

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“We were challenged with PCI compliance for the cloud. CloudEye centralize compliance policy management and enforcement for all of our cloud services to meet PCI”

– George Carr

Senior Network Security Architect

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“We deployed Cloudnosys in minutes and were amazed at the visibility and control we gained over our entire global cloud footprint for compliance and security. The platform helped us maintain our cloud infrastructure compliance posture and kept regulators satisfied during audits“

– Mark Schlake

Director of Product Strategy, Security, and Risk

“We needed to secure our multi-cloud approach and protect our healthcare patient data.  We wanted a solution that was automated and guided us step by step with remediations after finding and meet our HIPPA, GDPR compliance needs.  Cloudnosys helped us achieve all of these and more including reporting for the board in record time and minimal costs.”

– André Barros

Director of Security and Compliance

Explore Our Platform

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Agentless Scanning

Scans cloud infrastructure and applications without requiring an agent installation, reducing complexity and overhead while improving security with continuous scanning capabilities.

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Malware Analysis

Analyzes malicious software to identify its behavior and potential impact on the system, enabling the detection and remediation of malware attacks in cloud infrastructure and applications.

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Vulnerability Management

Identifies, prioritizes, and remediates vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure and applications through a process that includes risk prioritization, risk assessment, and remediation planning and execution.

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Attack Path Analysis

Enables proactive detection and remediation of potential security risks by identifying potential attack paths that cyber attackers may use to access critical assets.

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SOAR can automate and orchestrate cloud security incident response, eliminating the need for custom coding and swivel chair analysis in multiple tools. This can help organizations improve their security posture and reduce the risk of data breaches.

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Real Time Threat Detection

Real time threat detection feature uses machine learning to identify and respond to threats in real time. This helps to protect your cloud environment from a wide range of attacks.

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Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) offers comprehensive security features for cloud applications, including vulnerability management, agentless scanning, and malware analysis. Our CNAPP delivers multiple tools and capabilities into a single solution to reduce complexity and delivers risk prioritization using native graph analysis. From development to production in one solution.

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Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) offers a range of security native features for cloud workloads, including malware analysis, vulnerability management for files and OS, and agentless scanning that reduces operational overhead and architecture changes.

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Enables automated security checks, visibility into cloud environments, compliance streamlining, and improved overall security posture. Continuously monitors cloud infrastructure and applications, identifies and remediates potential security risks, and tracks compliance in real-time, ensuring secure and compliant cloud infrastructure..

What We Offer

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See and secure your cloud with actionable context, gain visibility and control of all your security threats, vulnerabilities, configurations, risks, policies, and user activities. Prevent data loss, configuration drift, and unauthorized access.

Visibility Dashboard
Compliance Dashboard
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Monitor and speed up compliance assessment, audit management, and reporting. Leverage our extensive set of regulations including HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO27001, NIST, CIS, and more

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Automate your cloud with confidence by enforcing standard and custom policies across users, accounts, projects, regions, and virtual networks. Enforce drift control and auto remediate to reduce alert fatigue.


Why Do You Need In Dynamic Cloud Security?

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Your Challenge

The spread of cloud usage across your team, not knowing who is running what, and how it is configured or secured.


To drive accountability, easily view all assets, configurations, vulnerabilities, risks, and manage baselines.

Your Challenge

Too many teams are dispersed throughout the globe, utilizing several cloud services with a variety of non-standard setups and rules.


To centralize, standardize, and automate the enforcement of global policies and settings for cloud services across all teams.
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Your Challenge

Continuous compliance violations with minimal proof, never-ending notifications, and a mountain of remediations to do. Inadequate compliance knowledge.


Regulatory compliance and risk management are now automated. Real-time policy-driven self-healing remediation while adhering to baseline and best practices.

Full Context Security

A unified picture of all threats based on machine data and contextual analysis that provides cloud security and compliance. Cloudnosys dynamically remediates and heals your cloud using best practice standards to ensure compliance with little effort. The future of full stack, context-aware cloud security is here – and it starts with Cloudnosys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloudnosys is a cloud security platform that protects cloud infrastructures from security threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance risks.
It provides visibility and continuous monitoring over cloud security, and compliance in AWS, Azure, and GCP. It runs complete scans on your cloud infrastructure over pre-written and custom signatures (protocols) and then generates a report of the loopholes present and detected.

Our customizable JSON scripts based playbooks help you to remediate and integrate threats and vulnerabilities.
These easy to create playbooks, with automated trigger types, scan and remediate the errors in the relevant cloud account.

Cloudnosys empowers its clients to solve cloud infrastructure security issues. It identifies and provides a step-by-step guide to rectify security vulnerabilities, performance errors, cost inefficiencies, and reliability risks.

Cloudnosys supports the 3 public cloud leaders:

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. Microsoft Azure

Compliance with cloud infrastructure is a key area of the Cloudnosys platform.

We support all major compliance standards like PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, etc.