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In a nutshell, Cloudnosys is a cloud-native security platform that is a complete solution to shield your cloud infrastructure from critical threats and vulnerabilities. Cloudnosys platform delivers security, compliance, cost and DevOps automation and continually scan your entire AWS services for security and compliance violations for Network Security, IAM Policies, VPC, S3, Cloudtrail etc.

Traditional security methods such as firewalls and agent-based protection aren’t ideal in today’s complex and large cloud, Cloudnosys gives you back full visibility and control of your infrastructure, whilst ensuring you are committing to the AWS Shared Responsibility Model by securing all the applications in your cloud environments.

Cloudnosys currently provides services for two major providers AWS and Azure.

Please reference the subscription options under Cloudnosys  Pricing.

Cloudnosys currently runs over 150+ automated best practice rules and we are constantly adding new rules, so you can expect to see this number grow!

Cloudnosys accesses your account via the AWS API and therefore does not increase your AWS bill. Your monthly AWS bill will not increase regardless of how many of your AWS accounts are linked to Cloudnosys.

If at any time you’re unhappy with the service, you can cancel your subscription

Approximately 5 minutes – Once the Cloudnosys’s SAAS agent is deployed, Cloudnosys will start providing actionable security and risk information.

The Cloudnosys solution consists of the following:

  • CloudEye – Using each cloud providers’ native APIs,  monitors the cloud providers’ orchestration platforms to provide visibility into the entire infrastructure, as well as topology and configuration information.
  • Management Services – Cloudnosys’s management services, including its threat detection engine, Cloudnosys tiered policies, cloud topology builder, application-aware traffic analyzer, and more.

You can add multiple cloud accounts in Cloudnosys and monitor the changes.

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Cloudnosys platform delivers security, compliance, and DevOps automation. Continually scan your entire AWS, Azure & GCP services for security and compliance violations for Network Security, IAM Policies, VPC, S3, Cloudtrail etc. Provides DevOps automation and policy driven guided remediation for AWS, Azure & GCP. Meet PCI, HIPAA, NIST, ISO27001, SOC2, FISMA, AWS CIS Benchmark compliance quickly.


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