CloudEye continuously secure your cloud services and automate your compliances.

Security and Compliance Solutions

Unified view of all risks built from machine data and contextual analysis that delivers Security and Compliance Solutions for modern public clouds. Cloudnosys best practice rules track and monitor your AWS and Azure services for security and compliance violations. Dashboard and reports keep you fully informed of any risks which are identified by region.

Continuous Security Scanning

Alert on Vulnerabilities

Audit Reports on Security and Compliance

Alert on Drifts

Supports major compliances

Focus Solution built for CISO, Security Engineers and Security Network Operations Center (SNOC).

Policy Guardrails

Ensure that you have policy guardrails in place to meet security and compliance. Rapidly detect and remediate risks across your resource configurations, network architecture, IAM policies and more. For instance, you can actively track and monitor publicly exposed S3, and EBS volumes. Providing complete governance, and risk management functions for the cloud assets.