Agentless Scanning for Malware and OS Vulnerabilities

OS Vulnerabilities Dashboard

Protect your cloud infrastructure against OS, Files & Malware vulnerabilities using Cloudxray's agentless scanning, while ensuring uninterrupted business operations

Business Challenge - Securing Cloud Environment

In an increasingly digital world, businesses face a major challenge: securing their cloud environments. OS vulnerabilities and malware pose serious threats, capable of causing data breaches, service interruptions, and potentially costing millions in damages and lost trust.

The Solution – Cloudxray

Enter Cloudxray, our powerful new feature. Specifically designed to safeguard your cloud-based operating systems, Cloudxray keeps vulnerabilities and malware at bay, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Introducing Cloudxray

A powerful tool that safeguards your systems against OS, Files, and Malware vulnerabilities without any disruption to your live environments. With Cloudxray, there’s no need to install agents or make changes to your networks. Gain deep visibility into your VMs at the OS, Application, and Files levels, enabling you to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities with ease. Enjoy the benefits of comprehensive protection without any impact on the performance and integrity of your running resources. Cloudxray provides deep and contextualized visibility of your cloud environments, empowering you to make informed decisions about your security posture.