Cloud Security Governance

Reduce threats through continuous enforcement
of security policy guardrails for all clouds in one platform


Implement cloud security governance with Cloudnosys

CloudEye provides the flexibility for organizations and business units to implement cloud security
governance according to their unique requirements and practices. 
Leverage machine learning and turn
into immediate decision making to reduce risks. Eliminate intrusion by controlling
your security group by enforcing least privilege policies.


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Compliance and best practice
guardrails with automatic
remediation results in automated

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Cloud Security

Build a complete set of security
policies across all cloud to manage
attack surface and reduce risk.

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Threat Detection
& Action

CloudEye identifies threats in real time using machine meta data analysis and log attribution. Immediately prevents further incidents and returns the system to its original configuration.

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CloudEye connects to your DevOps CI/CD process and establishes policy guardrails to rapidly detect miss configurations and out of policy conditions.

Guardrails for Cloud
and Container Governance

Reduce threats through continuous enforcement of security policy
guardrails for all clouds in one platform.

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Drive Governance and Accountability

Cloudnosys gives you granular visibility and control over all
or your cloud services.

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Rather than take a coarse-grained approach by blocking services, set your security policies based on identity, service, activity, and policy.

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Enforce policies across all cloud services based on identity, service, activity, and data from one central command.

Protect sensitive data-icon

Protect sensitive data with mitigating cloud


Accountability through reporting, alerts, and monitoring

Leverage the Power of CloudEye Security


Cloudnosys platform delivers security, compliance, and DevOps automation. Continually scan your entire AWS, Azure & GCP services for security and compliance violations for Network Security, IAM Policies, VPC, S3, Cloudtrail etc. Provides DevOps automation and policy driven guided remediation for AWS, Azure & GCP. Meet PCI, HIPAA, NIST, ISO27001, SOC2, FISMA, AWS CIS Benchmark compliance quickly.


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