24 FEBRUARY 2022 – 1:00 PM EST – 30 MINUTES

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About this webinar

In the current era of distributed enterprises, executive and security leaders must address where and how to secure access to cloud services while protecting the organization’s critical data and intellectual property.

Join us to learn:

  • The impact of remote work arrangements on cyber risk and security policy controls for cloud services
  • The similarities and differences between international regulations and laws governing data protection compliance
  • How to fortify your Cloud Security services
  • Approaches to cloud services monitoring that balance data protection and cyber risk management for the organization

Corporate risk management programs must evolve with proliferation of Cloud services along with IT and security services to support Cloud services Configuration and Monitoring user interactions. Enterprise data and systems continue to be the foundation of managing cyber risk.

This webcast provides a perspective on running effective cyber-risk management related to Cloud Security. Discover the latest trends and strategies for cloud security monitoring programs and the impact on privacy, compliance and productivity for the remote enterprise and virtual Enterprise.

About The Speaker

Kamran Mahboob

Director of Cloud Security & Compliance