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Cloudxray Deployment Guide

Note: It may take 2-3 mins to deploy the IAM roles stack for the Basic protection level and for the Advanced protection level another 4-5


When a scan is started, it checks for the cloud provider (AWS, Azure or GCP) to collect resources available on your cloud infrastructure. Cloudnosys has

AWS Setup

Before you process, please note the following: Prerequisites Before you set up your AWS Cloud Account on Cloudnosys, you need to have: Choose a Protection

GCP Setup

Prerequisites Before you set up your GCP Cloud Account on Cloudnosys, please ensure that your GCP IAM user has at least the following 3 roles

Azure Setup

To add your Azure Cloud Account to Cloudnosys, follow the steps below. Name Your Cloud Account Retreive & Enter Credentials Testing & Scanning Once you

User Management

You can create users, organizations, assign roles & manage them using the “Access Control” feature of Cloudnosys. To access Cloudnosys user management features, go to