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  Visit After you submit the form, you will receive an email to verify the new account creation request from [email protected] (please make sure


When a scan is started, it checks for the cloud provider (AWS, Azure or GCP) to collect resources available on your cloud infrastructure. Cloudnosys has

AWS Setup

Note: It may take up to 15 mins to add your AWS Cloud Account in Cloudnosys. Prerequisites Before you set up your AWS Cloud Account

GCP Setup

To add your Google Cloud Account in Cloudnosys, you have to follow these simple steps: Login to your GCP account and select the project which

Azure Setup

This is your guide for Azure Cloud Account Creation. Follow the steps below:  7. Copy the Application (client) ID and the Tenant ID for Cloudnosys

EagleEye – Live Monitoring Setup

Note: It may take up to 20 mins to enable EagleEye on your AWS Cloud Account (including Stack Set creation). EagleEye is a robust security monitoring

User Management

You can create users, organizations, assign roles & manage them using the “Access Control” feature of Cloudnosys. To access Cloudnosys user management features, go to