AWS Setup

Following the steps below will help you add an AWS Cloud account on Cloudnosys platform:

  1. Navigate to the Cloud Accounts dashboard and click on the Add Account button.

  2. Select Amazon Web Services from the Select your Cloud Account Provider page.

  3. Enter a valid string in the AWS Account Name field. You can input any name here.

  4. Select the regions of your choice from the Regions tab by clicking on the drop-down menu. If you do not know which region to choose, select all.

  5. Click on Next and you’ll see the following page:

  6. If you already have a Role ARN, then skip straight to Step 22.

  7. For the ARN, log into your AWS console in a new tab or click here: and go to IAM.

  8. Navigate to Roles in the IAM console and click on the Create Role button.

  9. Click on the Another AWS Account box in the Create Role screen and you’d see the following – with the Account ID field as a blank field. 

  10. Navigate back to the Cloudnosys Console tab, copy the AWS Account ID, and paste it into the Account ID field in your AWS console shown above. And then click on the Next: Permissions button.

  11. Extra Optional Steps
    1. Before clicking on the Next: Permissions button, navigate back to the Cloudnosys Console tab and copy your External ID.
    2. Navigate back to the AWS Console tab and tick on the first checkbox choice in the Options field. This will open a field where you can paste the External ID – paste it there.

      Note: Do not refresh the Cloudnosys tab at this point, because External ID changes every time the page is refreshed.

  12. In the next screen that appears, click on the Create Policy button.

    This will open a new tab with the AWS Create Policy screen. Do NOT close the last tab yet.

  13. Now navigate to your Cloudnosys tab and select your desired policy out of the two given policies, by clicking on it.

    Cloudnosys provides two types of Policies:
    – Full Protection Policy (Full-Access) – Provides Remediation
    – Security and Audit Policy (Read-Only) – Does not provide Remediation

  14. After deciding your desired policy, click on the corresponding policy’s View Policy button. This will pop open a modal showing the policy in JSON format. Click on the Copy Policy button to copy it.

  15. Paste it in the JSON editor of the Create Policy page and then click on the Review Policy button.

  16. On the Review Policy page that appears, enter your Policy name, its description, and click on Create Policy.

  17. Navigate back to the AWS Console tab where the Create Role page is opened and refresh it.

  18. Search for the policy you just created and select it. Then click on Next: Tags.

  19. The next screen will ask you to Add Tags. This is optional and can be skipped.

  20. On the next screen, finally, name the role and click on Create Role.

    This would successfully create your IAM Role, generate a Role ARN, and take you to the Roles page.

  21. Locate your Role name, click on it, and it will open up your role Summary – displaying your Role ARN near the top of the summary. Copy it, navigate back to the Cloudnosys Console tab and execute the next step.

  22. Paste the copied Role ARN into the ARN field shown below.

  23. Complete the setup by clicking Test Connection and you have set up your AWS Cloud Account!