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Azure Setup

This is your guide for Azure Cloud Account Creation. Follow the steps below: 

  1. In the Cloud Account dashboard, click on Add account

  2. Under the “Select your cloud account provider” section, click on Azure and click on Next. Enter a valid string in the Account Name field; you may input any name here.

    Select the regions that you want to protect your resources from, if you are not sure, then choose, select all (Recommended).

  3. Now sign in to the Azure management portal in a separate browser window and select the Azure Active Directory from the side menu.

  4. Navigate to App Registrations, and then click on the New Registration button.

  5. Fill in details for the Cloudnosys application, and then click Create.
    • Enter a suitable name for the application.
    • Select your supported account type, which determines who can use the application (Recommended: Let the choice be the 1st option by defualt)
    • After setting up the values, click on the Register button.

  6. Now add the application to the “Reader” role on the subscription you are using, by following these steps:
    • Go to Subscription and select “Access Control (IAM)” from the blade.
    • Click on “+ Add” and select “Add Role Assignment”.
    • Select the “Reader” Role and click on “Next”.
    • Click on “+ Select Members” and search for the application that you’ve just created, using the Application name or Object ID.
    • Click on the application name and then “Select”.
    • Now click on the “Review + assign” button to complete the RBAC role assignment process.

7. Copy the Application (client) ID and the Tenant ID for Cloudnosys Azure cloud account details and paste them under the required field in the Cloudnosys dashboard.

8. On the App registration page, select the application, then select Certificates & Secrets in the menu on the left. Add a description for the client’s secret and include the ‘expiry date’ (suggested: one year). Click on Add to generate the Secret key ID.

Note: Copy this value because you aren’t able to retrieve the key later. You provide the key value with the application ID to sign in as the application. Store the key-value where your application can retrieve it.

9. For Subscription ID, go to Go to Cost management and billing and select your Subscription Id. Copy the Subscription ID from Azure console and paste it under the required field.

10. Once you have achieved all the required ID’s for the account creation, press the Test Connection button shown on the screen below:

 Your Azure Cloud Account has been created!

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