Integrating SSO / SAML with Okta

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. The access management is usually handled by the company administrators. Cloudnosys supports SAML based single sign-on which can be set up with many popular Identity Providers.

Here are the steps for the setup of Okta

Go to settings > Integration > Okta & click on “Authorize”

  • Copy SSO provider URL from our platform
  • Login at Okta using this URL
  • Now go to your Okta organization dashboard and add a new Application
  • A pop up will appear & then select “Web” as your platform & “SAML 2.0” as your Sign-on Method
  • Add an app name of your choosing we prefer “Cloudnosys” & click “Next
  • Paste SSO URL that you copied from Cloudnosys in a Single sign-on URL field
  • Check “Allow this app to request other SSO URLs”
  • Paste the following Callback Auth URL in the field “Requestable SSO URLs”
  • Add “cloudnosys” in the “Audience URI (SP Entity ID)” & “Default Relaystate” fields. 
  • Select “Email Address” in the “Name ID format” & “Application username” dropdown and click “Next“.
  • Select “I’m an Okta customer adding an internal app” and check “This is an internal app that we have created” and click “Finish
  • Scroll down & click on “View Setup Instructions” to view SAML configuration.
  • And then add the configuration fields into Cloudnosys from Okta and click on “Save” in Cloudnosys.
  • Once configured, now you need to add the app to a user on Okta. To do this go to the Assignments tab, click on “Assign > Assign to People”. 
  • Select the user to whom you want to assign the Cloudnosys app. 
  • Add the same email address that you used to sign up with Cloudnsys and click “Save”

Now try logging in via Okta.