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Security Dashboard

The Security dashboard shows an inventory of your resources with risks observed in your cloud platforms.

Security Posture shows overall health score of resources

Formula: Health Score: (Pass /( High + Medium + Low + Passed)) * 100.

Widgets are updated when the scan is completed & Clock icon shows last updated time of widgets.

Inventory widget gives users a snapshot of their inventory on the cloud infrastructure (services distributed in categories: Computing, Storage, Network and IAM).

Computing shows 52 inventory items such as:

GCP Cloud Functions


AWS EC2:Instances

AWS Lambda

Azure VM

Critical Risk depicts most affected security posture of resources showing widgets with risks which require urgent attention from critical to high, highlighted with red to fading shades of red.

These are sec risks grouped..

Risks by region  portray heat maps on regions that have risks, categorized with different severities(High,Medium,Low). 

Do you want to know which regions are most affected by risks ?

Just place the cursor on your desired region, it will show you the region name & total

Risks in that region (the below image should enlarge on hover)

Risks by Group illustrates risks grouped by services such as IAM,Logging, Encryption at Rest.

  1. Here, IAM shows 8 risks for medium,so when we click on it, it’ll open a detail view of IAM risks
  1. It shows IAM risks for medium severity with other details such as resource name, service & region.
  2. Total risks found in IAM group of cloud account: GCP

Most Critical Resources shows you the resources which require the most attention of user, for instance you have 20 resources in your cloud account which are most critical so this widget will show you the top 15 resources at risk in a descending order of risks

Compliant risk bar shows how much each resource is compliant with severity levels.

Here, this resource has a total three risks with 02 High & 01 Medium.

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