Resource Finder helps you to filter out resources in Cloudnosys, using the filters provided at the resource finder or you can search a specific entity in the search box.

Let’s say, you want to check resources in your Azure cloud account for a service “Key Vault

Click on Security Posture at Security Dashboard

1- Select Account

2- Select Service and then resources according to applied filter will be shown

3- Resources found: is the total count of resources found in Azure service “Key Vault”

4- Risks shows the total risks found in each resource

Cloudnosys provides a variation of filters. You can Filter by Category: 

Filter by Regions: The geographic location where your Cloud assets are accessed

Resource profile portrays an outline of a specific resource such as resource health, failed and passed signatures

  1. Resource name
  1. Region name (in which the resource exist)
  2. Service
  3. VPC
  4. Failed: tab shows the signatures which are failed in that resource
  5. Passed: tab shows the signatures which are passed in that resource

Export PDF: 

Executive Reportcontains a detail summary of:

i) Regulation summary

ii) Rules Description

iii) Signature Checklist

iv) Suppressed Rules Applied
Whereas, ‘Full Report’ contains all data same as the executive report in addition to Signature level details