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Compliance API

Endpoint with Base URL: https://console.cloudnosys.com/api/v1/compliance/{compliance ID}

Compliance ID can also be of a custom-created compliance regulation standard.

GET Request #

Get information on how compliant your cloud accounts are with respect to a compliance report of your choice.

Headers #

Fields Value
Content-Type ‘application/json’
Authorization ACCESS_TOKEN

Params #

Fields Type Description
orgId String The ID of the organization. For e.g., myorg_3x4
cloudAccounts Array A list of IDs of the Cloud Accounts you want the compliance info of.
reportType String Compliance reports are either of ‘Executive’ type or ‘Full’ type. Full by default.

Response Body #

Report: (Show Compliance JSON example)

Status: 200

JSON representation

   “report”:  String


Error Responses #

Status: 400 #

JSON representation

   “Status”: 400

   “Message”: ERROR_MESSAGE


Invalid request Any of the required params in the request body is missing.

Status: 401 #

JSON representation

   “Status”: 401

   “message”: ERROR_MESSAGE


Unauthorized request
  • Missing authentication token in headers or invalid token. 
  • Trying to access report of a cloud account that is no longer available.

Status: 422 #

JSON representation

   “Status”: 422

   “message”: ERROR_MESSAGE


Unprocessable Entity One or more cloud accounts of your choice have not been scanned yet. Please wait for the scan to complete.

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