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Intro to Cloudnosys APIs

Cloudnosys offers a robust collection of REST API resources, which enables you to move data to and from your Cloudnosys account over the web for your cloud security needs.

You can make API calls to send/receive data. You can perform different operations on existing information and retrieve information related to alerts, resources, cloud accounts, and compliance using API methods like GET & POST.

API Configuration in Cloudnosys #

User’s information such as Client ID (email address), Client Secret (user Id), and Cloud Account(s) is added in API Config. 

You can use this information while using APIs such as accessing widget data or if you want to make any update through the API.

  1. Hover your mouse on your email address at the top right corner and then click on Account Settings from the drop-down menu:

       2. From the list of tabs on the left, also known as the Left Panel, click on API Config.

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