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Signatures are security checks that are performed on resources  to check their  violation for one specific issue. 

Cloudnosys has two types of signatures:

  1. Native (provided by Cloudnosys)
  2. Custom Signatures user can create their own signature by creating their own security checks

Here, in Description filter you can search signature by signature title or ID

1- Clicking on View Risks will take you to the detail view of a signature

Signature view shows the response of security checks, with resources categorized in failed & passed

Here, this signature states that “Ensure that SSH access is restricted from the internet” so the resources which are related to this rule are checked accordingly.

Failed tab shows resources which are non-compliant with the applied rule in the signature

And Passed tab shows the resources which are in compliant with the applied rule in the signature

Scanned on date is the last scan date & time on which the resource was scanned

First seen is the date on which the risk was identified 

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